Google officially says goodbye to Allo as it clarifies its messaging strategy

Google officially says goodbye to Allo as it clarifies its messaging strategy

Google officially says goodbye to Allo as it clarifies its messaging strategy

Although no set ending date for Hangouts was given, Google did say that Hangouts Meet and Chat-G Suite communication apps-will eventually become available to all users. As Google announces in a blog post, Allo will be discontinued in March 2019.

Are we surprised? Not really.

Google would like us to think of its messaging strategy as a work in progress. In this app the creators have implemented the sending of "gitk" and the Smart Reply. It didn't help that at launch, Allo didn't support SMS.

And about that word: "plan" - it seemed that was always something lacking relative to Google's fractured and disparate messaging-related properties, such that it's never had one single strong product that could credibly rival something like iMessage. There was GChat, then came Buzz and later Wave, though with different platforms. The forthcoming turn down of "Hangouts classic" may be more astonishing to the majority of its devoted users, be that as it may.

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Google isn't afraid to experiment with new services, but the company also isn't afraid to shut them down if they don't prove popular enough. According to a Verizon spokesperson cited by The Verge, the carrier will roll out RCS Chat for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL tomorrow, December 6.

While it was initially aimed to roll out sometime this year, it looks like Verizon might be the first to adopt RCS in 2019.

GOOGLE'S LITTLE-USED "next generation" messenger service Allo is to close. In the coming months, Hangouts Chat customers will also be able to bring in people from outside their organization like clients, vendors and various partners. And even of they do all get on board, you'll still need the right phone for it to work. After all, its iMessages app has plenty of features that Chat won't, including location sharing, text effects, and crucially, end-to-end encryption.

Following a report from 9to5Google about Google Allo's possible fate, Google released a blog post about the future of Allo, Duo, and Android Messages. For the most part, Allo was a pretty good app, however it lacked the adoption that others have had.

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