Pakistan will no longer fight someone else's war: Imran Khan

Pakistan won't be treated like'hired gun anymore says PM Imran

Pakistan won't be treated like'hired gun anymore says PM Imran

Addressing a press conference after the ministerial meeting, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation chief said Pakistan has to support the Afghan peace.

Speaking about Afghan refugees in Pakistan, he said, "we have 2.7 million Afghan refugees still living in Pakistan".

This week, Islamabad issued a statement welcoming U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to make political reconciliation between the Afghan Taliban and Kabul the primary goal of America's strategy to end the more than 17-year-old war in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan permanent representative to the United Nations Mahmoud Saikal meanwhile has said that an authorized negotiating team from the Afghan government will do peace negotiations with Taliban.

He said during a summit last July, NATO chose to strengthen its support to Afghanistan with more troops to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces so they can create the conditions for peace and reconciliation.

Meanwhile, when asked about the recent arrests of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan's (TLP) workers and leaders, including its party chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi, Prime Minister Khan said that the matter was "straight forward".

He said Iranian Foreign Minister Jawwad Zarif also paid a visit to Islamabad and discussed the modalities for Yemen peace process.

The prime minister reiterated his government's earlier stance that this would be the last International Monetary Fund programme Pakistan would take.

Families of Taliban leaders and fighters are believed to be residing among among almost three million Afghan refugees Pakistan still hosts.

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"No one in the U.S. government has ever said that we are prepared to impose to support the imposition on Afghan society of certain past practices of the Taliban and so if anyone is suggesting that we are prepared to do that, the answer is we are not", he said.

As the United States continue to ask Pakistan to do more regarding the reported terror sanctuaries in the country, the PM asserted that "there are no sanctuaries in Pakistan" as he ruled out the presence of Taliban in the country.

Khalilzad arrived in Islamabad on Tuesday.A USA embassy statement issued Thursday said he met with top Pakistani political and military leadership during his two-day stay in the country. The US has satellites and drones.

At his confirmation hearing on Tuesday, the incoming head of US Central Command Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie also said American forces must stay, lest the Afghan government succumb to the pressure of the Taliban - which is still going strong despite years of US involvement.

"We are not engaged in peace talks with the Taliban", he said. Pakistan had nothing to do with 9/11 (terror attack). "It cared for the underprivileged, for the people who can't compete in the race". It was the first time I saw a welfare state.

The sources said that the draft of the letter would be ready next week and it would be sent to Prime Minister Khan for approval. I had gone on television and warned everyone that we will stand by the Supreme Court verdict.

Khan also expressed hope that Islamabad and New Delhi would resume talks after the General Elections in India next summer.

He maintained that he wanted the case of the Mumbai attacks to be resolved, adding that he has "asked our government to find out the status of the case".

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