Health unit reports higher than usual number of influenza reports in kids

National Influenza Vaccination Week December 2-8 2018

National Influenza Vaccination Week December 2-8 2018

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established the week of December 2-8 as National Influenza Vaccination Week to highlight the importance of continuing flu vaccination throughout the holiday season and beyond. The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine.

According to the health unit, an average of 3,500 deaths each year and 12,200 hospitalizations are attributed to the flu in Canada.

If you do get sick, be courteous and stay home from work or school, and don't run errands or attend public events.

Vaccination is needed every year because the Influenza viruses change every few years and scientists continue to monitor which viruses are circulating, and change the ingredients in influenza vaccines to match them. Today, the flu vaccine is in plentiful supply in America, with millions of doses produced each year.

Health care providers are strongly encouraged to get the flu vaccine.

Flu vaccines are not 100% effective, and sometimes the strain of flu circulating is not a flawless match for the flu strains in the flu vaccine.

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Influenza (flu) is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses.

While receiving your flu shot, inquire about other vaccinations that you may need.

Recent academic studies have shown that presenting survey respondents with facts about vaccine safety can decrease the extent to which survey respondents believe that vaccines are unsafe. Her husband could not remember whether or not she had been vaccinated. Among children, effectiveness rates were higher: Children who got the shot were 59% seek medical care for the virus, the CDC reported this year.

Even if they do as they intend, that leaves considerably more than a third of adults (41%) who have not - and will not - get a flu shot, according to NORC. I try to help people understand the science behind vaccine development and how the body develops immunity. They have a wealth of resources for nurses and patients on their website.

LAIV (Flumist) will not be included in this year's DoD vaccine order but DoD facilities do have the capability to purchase Flumist through the Defense Logistics Agency and individuals may receive Flumist through their Tricare accepting network retail pharmacies. The most common side effects are mild and resolve on their own within 24-48 hours. His parents have set up a fund to promote flu vaccinations. The Department accepts most private insurance and participates in the Texas Vaccines for Children Program.

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