AT&T's Jeff McElfresh reveals network strategy and 5G plans

A 9G sticker on a smartphone

A 9G sticker on a smartphone

And once again, AT&T is leading the charge following its decision to mislead subscribers by slapping a silly new "5G" icon on 4G smartphones. Although the "5G E" network may run slightly faster than the current 4G service, it's essentially the existing 4G network with some added features that can boost speed. AT&T's so-called "5G E" network uses advanced 4G technologies - much like T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon. The executive insisted that they were "pretty public" about what 5G E actually was. The 5Ge refers to 5G Evolution, AT&T's name for its LTE-Advanced upgrade.

While AT&T pretends to kick off the 5G mobile era early by slapping a, Verizon Wireless says it won't be doing the same.

AT&T enables almost 2.2 million US business customer locations with high-speed fiber connections by serving almost 500,000 USA business buildings lit with fiber from AT&T. And Tom's Guide rightfully points out that people with 5G E devices will still need to buy 5G devices anyway if they want real 5G. Test cases such as Hurricane Florence and the California wildfires have also shown the idea of giving first responders a dedicated network, free from congestion from other users, can help safety officials do their job. Although there are now industry standards specifying exactly what 5G networks must meet, dubbed "5G NR", there are still some grey areas, particularly when it comes to marketing.

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If you ever wanted to know what false advertising looked like, well it's this update from AT&T.

This isn't the first time that AT&T has done something like this. AT&T calls it "building a narrative". Verizon is already committed to this, saying it will not call its 4G network a 5G network "if customers don't experience a performance or capability upgrade that only 5G can deliver".

AT&T launched LTE-LAA in two dozen markets, launching the technology in parts of 55 cities. When he first started in Bellevue, he would mock Sprint quite a bit, but now he has moved onto AT&T and Verizon. "In 2019, we plan to deploy thousands of these "white box" routers on towers across our network", said Jeff McElfresh, president, AT&T Technology Operations.

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