Apple Explains iPad Pro Manufacturing Process In Response To Bent Units

Apple iPad Pro bending under small pressure

Apple iPad Pro bending under small pressure

Apple says this "flatness specification allows for no more than 400 microns of deviation across the length of any side - less than the thickness of four sheets of paper". For the first time ever on an iPad, these bands are manufactured using a process called co-molding.

Apple reiterated the previously shared tolerance of 400 microns, which is a stricter allowance than previous models of the iPad.

Apple on Friday posted a new support page to explain that some new iPad Pro devices might have "subtle deviations in flatness" where the antenna is located, but it also downplayed the problem as these deviations would be "imperceptible during normal use". The company went on to say that the new straight-edged design of the iPad Pro may make bends "more visible only from certain viewing angles", and won't affect the tablet's performance.

The support page essentially confirms once again that some new iPad Pros will ship with a bend, and Apple is once again stating that this is not an issue. After the plastic cools, the enclosure is finished with precision CNC machining operation.

For those who believe their iPad is bent beyond the 400-micron specification, Apple invites you to contact Apple Support. It also appears that the cellular iPad Pro is particularly susceptible to bending issues, and if we're reading Apple's article correctly, it appears the way such iPads are bonded could cause a slight bend. The product specifications dictate that the flatness of finished models can not deviate more than 400 microns.

If you picked up one of the 2017 iPad Pros, you might be wondering if the 2018 iPad Pros are worthy of your consideration; or, considering Apple still has an older 10.5-inch 2017 iPad Pro on sale, you might want to know if it's a better bet than the newer 2018 iPad Pros.

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Last September I wondered if an iPad - with iOS 11 and the Files app - might replace my MacBook.

Apple's new iPad Pro redefines what expensive means for an iOS device, and paves the way for an even more expensive iPhone.

Disappointed that you didn't get the iPad you wanted over the holidays?

And while Apple originally said this is a feature, not a bug, the firm now returns with a more detailed explanation on what exactly happens and why such a "subtle deviation" (Apple's very own words) shouldn't be worrying.

The 2018 iPad Pros do have slightly larger rear camera lenses, and more obvious antenna lines, but they're only available in silver and space grey.

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