Trump ally urges president to reopen U.S. government

Trump ally urges president to reopen U.S. government

Trump ally urges president to reopen U.S. government

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer of NY have refused to meet that demand, instead offering a far smaller sum to shore up border security and asking the President to reopen the government now and negotiate on border security later.

Trump said on Fox News on Saturday night that he has an "absolute right to call a national emergency" over border security.

Democrats oppose an emergency declaration but may be powerless to block it.

The "wall plus" plan could include an extension of temporary protected status for about 400,000 immigrants in the USA because of disasters back home in El Salvador and elsewhere, and renewable three-year work permits for young, undocumented "Dreamers", he said.

Lindsey Graham also says Trump still wants to reach a deal for the wall before agreeing to reopen shuttered government departments. "I'm just so frustrated we can't get into a room and hammer it out".

Sen. Richard Durbin of IL, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate, said on NBC News' "Meet the Press" that centrist Senate Republicans who sought to broker a deal last week should step forward and make an appeal to their party's leader in the chamber, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. "The Republican-controlled Senate and a handful of senators will make that decision".

It turns out that in the poll, conducted between January 8-11, 2019 of 788 Americans, 53% of those polled believe that Trump and congressional Republicans are to blame, while just 29% blame the Democrats in Congress for the shutdown, and 13% blame both parties equally. Separately, a CNN poll showed 56 percent of Americans oppose construction of Trump's hoped-for border wall. A person familiar with White House thinking said that in meetings this past week, the message was that the administration is in no rush and wants to consider various options. We're not going to stand here and be blamed for this.

First, it would allow him to claim that he was the one to act to reopen the government.

"They can name it 'peaches.' I don't care what they name it".

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Opponents say a unilateral presidential move like declaring emergency would be constitutional overreach and set a unsafe precedent in similar controversies.

Senator Tim Kaine, a Virginia Democrat, said on "Meet the Press" that Democrats have backed more funding for border security "over and over and over again". "Clearly the president's got authority under the law, but he's said he doesn't want it to come to that".

Trump reminded that building a wall on the Mexican border was one of his main campaign promises.

The shutdown is now the longest in USA history, surpassing the 21-day closure that began during Bill Clinton's presidency in 1995.

They are classed as essential employees and required to work, but many are calling in sick to protest the situation.

The airport said it would reopen the concourse on Monday and "continue to monitor checkpoint staffing levels and make adjustments as necessary". On Sunday, TSA said it had a 7.7 percent national rate in unscheduled absences, compared with 5.6 percent on Saturday and 3.2 percent a year ago.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers south of the border are either off the job or working without pay as a result.

The Democrats, newly in control of the House of Representatives, have refused to cite fundamental opposition to Trump's anti-immigrant policies and the proposed wall in particular. They have refused further negotiations until the government is reopened after being partially shut down since December 22.

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