Disney+ Will Get Third-Party Shows to Obliterate Netflix

Disney+ Will Get Third-Party Shows to Obliterate Netflix

Disney+ Will Get Third-Party Shows to Obliterate Netflix

Disney CEO, Bob Iger, explained in an investors call that the company is happy to forgo its licensing revenue (of around £108 million) in order to make Disney+ a success. As a response, Iger said "we haven't been particularly good at the self-publishing side, but we've been great at the licensing side". Interestingly, he also mentioned in a post-earnings call that its sports streaming service ESPN+ has doubled paid subscribers in the past five months reaching 2 million in total. Beginning with Captain Marvel, new Disney movies will be skipping Netflix and heading for the Mouse House's soon-to-launch streaming competitor, which is expected to open later this year.

According to Iger, Captain Marvel will be the first movie from the company that will stream only on Disney+.

With a service like Netflix or Stan, what you're buying to is a bit of Marvel (and Disney) fare as well as access to huge libraries of content from a significantly larger variety of themes, styles, and genres.

Disney's own movie and TV show streaming service, Disney+, will arrive around the end of 2019 and when it does it is likely to have a stellar line-up of content.

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Iger hedged a little in terms of long-term plans, though, saying that the larger strategy is focused on producing original content but that third-party content will be part of the launch strategy later this year.

It looks like Disney doesn't share the opinions of Rogue One scriptwriter Gary Whitta after all. Not only will Marvel Studios continue to exert ultimate creative control over the franchise, but Deadpool 3 promises to be just as "R-Rated" as the other two in the series.

What we know: We're already aware of some products that will debut on Disney Plus.

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