'Game of Thrones' Makes Surprise Appearance in Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad

Game of Thrones Press Site pic Daenerys Dragon

Game of Thrones Press Site pic Daenerys Dragon

The "Special Delivery" SB LIII ad (below) continues the brand's medieval kingdom premise, minus the famed "Dilly Dilly" chant, and uses the construct of a misdelivered barrel of corn syrup to drive home the point that - unlike Bud Light - competitors Miller Lite and Coors Light use corn syrup.

The Bud Light commercial starts out with a king and queen at a jousting event enjoying Bud Lights, while they and crowds of spectators cheer on the "Bud Knight", who faces a mysterious opponent.

After a lackluster offensive performance by the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams in the first half, Bud Light provided at least some fireworks in the second half.

If you're watching the 2019 Super Bowl, you probably saw plenty of Bud Light commercials over the course of the evening-many of which were about corn syrup.

The Mountain kills the Bud Knight by (what we assume) crushing his head in a death blow similar to Prince Oberyn Martell's.

The National Corn Growers Association rebuked the brand for boasting that Bud Light does not use the ingredient.

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The Bud Light Dilly Dilly characters had two appearances at this year's Super Bowl, although their second ad came with a twist. "This effort is to provide consumers transparency and elevate the beer category".

At the end of the ad, Bud Light is sure to remind viewers that "Bud Light is brewed with no corn syrup".

Don Jr., whose father Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized the Post as being "fake news", was quick to slam the commercial.

"At MillerCoors, we're proud of our high-quality, great-tasting beers", the company wrote on Twitter.

"How is Bud Light now producing more Game of Thrones content than George R.R. Martin?"

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