Kevin Durant breaks Knicks silence - and rips everyone

Source: Warriors' Durant under pressure to break silence

Source: Warriors' Durant under pressure to break silence

We now take you to a real-time view of the Kevin Durant recruiting room, with the Knicks playing the part of Frank and the Clippers filling the role of Annie. Grow up. Yeah, you, grow up.

"I think he looked at a grand plan, he is going to go to the East and create something on his own". Why do I have to talk to you.

"It's unnecessary", Durant said of all the noise surrounding his decision. Come on, bro. I come here and go to work every day.

Even if you hate Durant, you have to give him props here for his honesty.

The Warriors star hadn't spoken to the media since the Knicks traded Porzingis to the Mavericks last week, freeing up enough cap space to sign two free agents to max contracts this summer.

Durant singled out the Athletic's Ethan Strauss and a recent piece he wrote discussing his media silence during his postgame rant. Initially, Durant asked reporters why they cared that he hadn't spoken but then acknowledged that he just didn't want to talk recently. A great teammate. We all have moments of frustration, times in our life when we maybe don't feel like talking.

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At the end of that series, Durant nabbed the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award which he rightfully deserved. "I didn't see any of that coming what happened last night". I don't think about that kind of stuff. So all the other stuff, I wouldn't call it a distraction, it's just more so from his standpoint frustrating.

Durant won't need to worry about his words being twisted this time around, as this hissy fit is already going viral, and it's going to be played in full, so at least that shouldn't be a concern for the 30-year-old making $31.5 million this season to play for the best basketball team on the planet.

What also seemed to have triggered Durant's emotions was a column written by the Bay Area News Group's Dieter Kurtenbach, in which Durant's future with the Knicks was discussed.

"He is not recognised as the best player in the game but he doesn't want to go and help LeBron".

"Why do I gotta talk to you?"

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