Netflix Brings Smart Download Feature to iPhone and iPad

Netflix finally launches Smart Downloads feature on iPhone and iPad

Netflix finally launches Smart Downloads feature on iPhone and iPad

If a member has downloaded episodes 3 through 9, and watches episode 2 and episode 5, the app will download episode 10 and 11, deleting episodes 2 and 5.

A handy Netflix feature announced last summer has come to iOS at long last: the app can automatically download episodes of your favorite shows.

To recall, Netflix originally launched its Smart Downloads feature back in July of a year ago for its Android users, soon after which it brought the feature over to Windows 10. Now when you finish watching a downloaded episode it will be deleted and the next episode will automatically download. Now, the Netflix iOS version users will be able to make use of the Smart Downloads.

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NOTE: If there are no additional episodes to download in your series, the last watched episode will not be deleted. Obviously, if you happen to download each scene of a series on the double, the application won't delete or supplant any of them once viewed. This feature obviously only applies to episodic shows, not movies. To do this, select the Menu icon and then "App Settings". "The feature is one more way we're making it easier for Netflix fans to take the stories they love wherever they go", Netflix said in a statement.

Under the Downloads heading, use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads on or off. This is probably why Netflix introduced the feature on Android first. And today, the company is bringing the feature to iOS.

Netflix also pointed out that while most of its viewers stream at home, it also wanted to expand its market by allowing mobile users easy access to their roster of videos through the offline playback feature.

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