Google plans to give the Pixel 4 this 2018 Apple iPhone feature

Google Pixel 4 Pixel 4 launch date Pixel 4 dual SIM Google Pixel 4 release date dual SIM Pixel 4 Pixel 4 specifications Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 Pixel 4 launch date Pixel 4 dual SIM Google Pixel 4 release date dual SIM Pixel 4 Pixel 4 specifications Pixel 4 XL

According to recent commits to AOSP's Gerrit, the Pixel 4 will have dual-SIM functionality.

Android Police first broke the story this morning, and their Richard Gao gave a great explanation of the different kinds of dual SIM available. The Pixel 2 and 3 support DSSS, meaning that while two SIMs can be provisioned to two networks inside the phone, only the active SIM can receive calls and texts.

The second, Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS), allows a phone to receive calls and texts from the secondary SIM as long as the phone isn't actively using the primary SIM for the same goal.

For those unfamiliar with dual SIM support, it generally works in one of three ways.

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Put simply, you can't use your standard SIM and your eSIM at the same time in current Pixel phones, and that might be changing in the Pixel 4. Most Android phones that support multiple SIM cards, as well as the iPhone XS and XS Max, use DSDS. Also available in the latest iPhones and many dual SIM Android smartphones, this basically means that the other SIM can receive calls or texts so long as the primary SIM slot isn't actively being used for the same goal. However, this is rare as it requires the device to have two radios. Interestingly, the same commit stated that the dual SIM capability can be enabled on Pixel 3 devices, even though it's only for dogfooding.

Beyond that, there's no other word regarding other features. The former supports multiple SIM cards but not DSDS, but the comment implies the latter will support DSDS. And a revelation a few weeks ago said that Android Q would receive native support for 3D facial recognition, prompting us to speculate that the Pixel 4 may feature Google's response to Face ID.

This is news and it's not; the Pixel 3 line is technically dual-SIM, but the functionality is disabled in most markets.

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