New England Patriots: 3 reasons team will win Super Bowl LIV

New England Patriots: 3 reasons team will win Super Bowl LIV

New England Patriots: 3 reasons team will win Super Bowl LIV

As part of a special daytime exclusive on the show, the Patriots star opened up on the origins of his beard - coach Bill Belichick told his team to put "everything in the drawer" during the season, so Edelman literally put his razor in the drawer.

Through the miracle of television, there was already a barber's chair, cape with the Patriots' logo and clippers waiting to be rolled out in front of the audience.

The show aired on Friday.

Taking his coach's words far too literally, Edelman put his razor in the drawer before this past season began and made a decision to just let it all grow, to the point where his beard expanded past the contours of Edelman's rather compact head to become its own separate entity.

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She asked if he wanted to say goodbye to his facial hair, and Edelman said, "I love you, beard".

Beard shaving kicks off at the 8-minute mark. My father was a tough, hard-nosed guy who, you know, didn't have a father and pushed me to limits I never thought I'd get to. She took care of me for a long time.

The Super Bowl LIII MVP will be quick to answer questions about the latest biggest game of his life, this one including 10 catches for 141 yards in the Patriots' 13-3 win over the Rams.

From winning the NFC West title for a second year in a row to proving this team is built to compete in the NFC for years to come, the Rams have plenty to be proud of from his past season, even if they came up short in Super Bowl 53 against the Patriots. Ellen shaved it off.

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