Teenager, 18, finally gets vaccinations and attacks his anti-vaxxer parents

Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks at an anti-vaccination rally at the Capitol in Olympia Wash. on Feb. 8. Cases of viral illnesses are up 50 percent worldwide

Robert Kennedy Jr. speaks at an anti-vaccination rally at the Capitol in Olympia Wash. on Feb. 8. Cases of viral illnesses are up 50 percent worldwide

He never had the experience of going to the pediatrician, getting pricked in the arm with a needle and then receiving a lollipop or ice cream cone afterward.

"It breaks my heart that she could get measles and she'd be done", Lindenberger said.

"As I became a teenager and looked into it and decided that the evidence supported vaccines by and large, and that the evidence that they cause autism and brain damage and other misinformed statements weren't true", he said.

Lindenberger posted his plea on the subreddit r/NoStupidQuestions back in November looking for a way to get vaccinated on his own. He wrote: "God knows how I'm still alive".

An estimated 7.9% of Clark County, Washington, kindergartners in the 2017-18 school year were unvaccinated, with most of those kids' parents citing non-medical reasons for refusing vaccines.

The post begins with "my parents think vaccines are some kind of government scheme" and goes on to ask where can he go to get certain vaccinations. I haven't got vaccines since elementary school, Dad fell down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole, and my Mom agrees with him.

"It really wasn't like I kind of raised my fist in the air and said like, "You idiots, I'm getting vaccinated, '" he recalled". One was 18-year-old Laura from Colorado who said she was seeking her own options because she needs a number of shots in order to attend college. "And so through that, I got some good answers", Lindenberger said.

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"Their choices don't only affect their child, their choices affect my child as well", Simpson said. "I was doing it for my safety and the safety of others".

'I'm also afraid I'd go somewhere that up charges vaccines way more than somewhere just down the street.

Lindenberger says he hopes his siblings draw their own conclusion about the issue. Now that he's 18, Lindenberger is making headlines for his decision to defy his mother and get vaccinated, reports USA Today.

Across Canada, only a single new case of laboratory-confirmed measles was reported between December 30, 2018, and January 26, 2019, according to Health Canada's most recent measles and rubella monitoring reports.

There is no federal law mandating children be immunized, but only seven states - including Arkansas -and Washington D.C. allow minors to get vaccinations without parental consent.

The doctrine is a legal measure that accepts that a minor, even if they are not emancipated from their family, possesses the maturity to decide if they want a particular health care treatment.

"Vaccines, from a public health perspective, are safe, effective and they've been studied over and over again and have not shown any links to any adverse events". In Italy, where the current governing coalition had pledged to drop a law banning children without vaccination from starting pre-school (the coalition has since reversed its position), health officials have declared a 'measles emergency, ' as nearly one quarter of all measles cases in Europe in 2017 were reported in Italy.

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