WARREN UNHINGED: Sen. Warren Suggests Trump GOING TO PRISON Before 2020 Election

Thousands of Native Americans died on the trail of tears - Trump appears to be making a joke about it

Thousands of Native Americans died on the trail of tears - Trump appears to be making a joke about it

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren will be back in South Carolinaon Saturday, a little more than three weeks after her last appearance on the Palmetto State's campaign trail.

"One of the things we're gonna have to decide about how campaigns go forward is about what Donald Trump does every day", Warren told the crowd. "In fact, he may not even be a free person".

The moment marked a notable shift for Warren, who has been reluctant to take on Trump directly by name since she announced her exploratory campaign on New Year's Eve.

She also slammed Trump over his tweets, calling them "racist" and "hateful" and called for her supporters to ignore the President's comments and not to merely respond to every single action of Trump's. We're going to chase after those every day?'

Meyers then joked about what she meant.

"By the time we get to 2020, Donald Trump may not even be President".

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Donald Trump Jr. attends the 140th annual Easter Egg Roll on the South Lawn of the White House April 2, 2018 in Washington, DC.

She also apologized to the Cherokee Nation for muddying the waters about tribal citizenship when she released a DNA test in October purporting to vindicate her longtime claims of Native American ancestry.

Elizabeth Warren takes the stage during an event to formally launch her presidential campaign.

Hours after Warren, the senator from MA, formally kicked off her campaign on Saturday, the president renewed his criticism of her past claims of Native American heritage. "See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!" the President tweeted on Saturday.

Trump's capitalization of the word "trail" came under intense scrutiny over his apparent reference to the "Trail of Tears", the forced relocation of Native Americans in the 1830s, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy. Trump chose to honor Navajo code talker vets in front of Andrew "Indian Killer" Jackson's portrait a year ago because of course. "Now this." New York Times columnist Wajahat Ali tweeted. "His son laughs. There is no limit to the immorality and indecency of these people".

Warren formally launched her White House bid Saturday in MA, grounding her campaign in the populist calls to combat economic inequality that have long made her a favourite of liberals.

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