Lottery Winner Wore 'Scream' Mask to Claim Prize

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A lottery victor in Jamaica recently claimed his $1.1 million prize - wearing a white cape, black gloves and the mask from the classic slasher film "Scream".

The person in the mask was only identified as "A. Campbell" and claimed the $158,400,000 prize which amounts to nearly $1.2 million in United States dollars. Supreme Ventures tweeted out photos last week showing him - in costume - collecting his million-dollar prize, then posing with his giant check.

Despite wearing the mask, KDKA reports the man was later identified as A. Campbell. In June, a woman who won $180,900,000 in Jamaican money wore a winking emoji face mask to hide who she was.

Read KDKA's full story here.

It took him 54 days to collect his prize after his numbers were drawn, with lottery officials admitting they were becoming nervous given the 90-day deadline.

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"Sometimes I feel so much pain, I forgot that I had won", he said.

"My head hurt me for three days because I was thinking so much. I haven't found it yet, but I'll be looking for one soon", he said.

It had taken 54 days for Campbell to claim his ticket, causing the Super Lotto parent company, Supreme Ventures Limited, to put out ads urging the victor not let the 90-day deadline to claim winnings expire.

Winning the lottery may seem like a dream come true, but the fear of getting robbed after that? I have a little business, so I plan to make it bigger, buy an apartment.

He said: "I want to get a house, I want to get a nice house".

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