Huawei has backup Android plan

Huawei CEO denies he's under Beijing's thumb

Huawei CEO denies he's under Beijing's thumb

"We have prepared our own operating system, if it turns out we can no longer use these systems [Android], we will be ready and have our plan B", the Huawei official said.

Huawei reportedly has its own operating system on standby in the event the company is ever banned from using Android or Windows. As a matter of fact, media reports were coming in last year, when it was said the company was already "years" into building its OS.

According to Yu, Huawei would prefer working with Google and Microsoft but could launch its own proprietary operating system if the situation worsens.

However, Huawei has confirmed it has a backup OS in case that happens. Various company's have attempted and failed to break the duopoly by launching phones with different operating systems.

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In brief: The battle between the United States government and Huawei is showing no signs of abating. "We don't expect to use them, and to be honest, we don't want to use them", the spokesperson explained. That Huawei may face a similar ban is not out of the realm of possibility. We last heard about Huawei's own Android OS rival back in May previous year.

Having its own OS to power its laptops and smartphones as substitutes for Windows and Android safeguards Huawei's ability to keep operating.

A Huawei exec has told German news site Die Welt that it has made a backup OS for PCs and smartphones in the event that its troubles with the USA government prevent it from using Windows and Android on their PCs and smartphones.

The Chinese firm in an interview with Die Welt has confirmed that it has a ready homegrown OS and could be reverting to that if the legal battle with U.S. authorities leads to a total ban on the export of US-made products and services like Android and Windows. nearly suffered a similar fate, but for the last minute agreement, it had with the commerce department.

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