Google jumps on the foldable phone bandwagon, files patent

Google Foldable Smartphone Design Tipped by Patent

Google Foldable Smartphone Design Tipped by Patent

Several Samsung folding phone patents emerged before the Galaxy Fold launch, and they do not resemble it.

We'll keep you updated with all the leaks, rumors and news about Google's foldable, and all the other folding devices headed to the market. In the images, the device can be seen partially folded as well as fully folded.

The patent, first spotted by Patently Mobile, suggests that the company might be working on a folding phone with a single screen.

Whether this foldable Pixel phone from Google ever sees the light of day is of course unknown and to be honest, not expected but it is good to see Google at least doing the basic groundwork should they ever want to release a foldable Pixel.

Google jumps on the foldable phone bandwagon, files patent

Google may be looking to toss its hat in the foldable ring, according to a patent application discovered by Patently Mobile on Tuesday.

What do we expect to see in the iPhone 11? The patent itself features a screen with three panels that folds in two different spots using something called a "Z-fold display".

Further, Google is rumored to have asked those with roles in its tablet and laptop division to find other positions in the company, suggesting hardware development is being deprioritized, or that there won't pursue as many hardware lines in the future. It only mentions it's to be used in a "modern computing device". Its Pixel phones are no doubt safe, but the Pixelbook series, and perhaps new prospects like a Google foldable, may not survive the restructure. The patent filed by the company indicated it was working on a flip phone. The company has already announced that it worked on a specific Android build for foldable phones, which Samsung and Huawei now use, so it's clearly been thinking about folding devices for a while.

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