Messenger could be returning to the Facebook app

Facebook and Messenger may backtrack on controversial unified app

Facebook and Messenger may backtrack on controversial unified app

Those features might appear in a future update, but Wong says she believes the Messenger app and Chats "serve different markets".

Facebook's strategy to achieve world domination with multiple social networking services and messaging apps hasn't always been very coherent and predictable, but it seems Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring together the resources and capabilities of Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp soon enough.

If Facebook reintegrated messaging into the main app, it would be an about-turn for the company, which in 2014 insisted that to keep using Messenger on a mobile device, it would be mandatory for users to download the standalone app.

The decision to return to integrating the chat in the main app would prevent users from wasting space and resources for an additional app, a choice that would be highly appreciated in developing countries, where smartphones with little internal memory are still the most popular.

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Of course, this would not be the first time Facebook used Messenger's features as such.

You can take a look at what the switch could potentially look like below. When tapped it revealed a "Chats" section, which provided basic messaging functions. Fast forwarding four years, Facebook has finally chose to reconsider its decision on moving Chats away from the Facebook app.

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