Ex-UKIP leader Nigel Farage launches Brexit Party

Don't be fooled by the latest extension a no-deal Brexit could be more likely than ever

Don't be fooled by the latest extension a no-deal Brexit could be more likely than ever

Talks between the UK Conservative and Labour parties aimed at finding a compromise way forward are due to resume next week.

However, now in talks between the two parties, the issue of a customs union is thought to be creating a sticking point.

He added that discussions couldn't be allowed to "drag on" for an extended period but continued to defend the prime minister's position.

"I'm sorry she's supporting the new Brexit Party and not the Tories but family always comes above politics and I think always should".

British Prime Minister Theresa May leaves the Elysée Presidential Palace after a meeting with French President in Paris, France, 09-04-2019.

While there was no strict deadline, Mr Lidington said both sides would "take stock" in 10 days in order to keep the process moving.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, the pair said there was "nothing standing in their way" if MPs agreed to change the rules, though the committee's current chair, Graham Brady, said he was "less certain that it would be possible to change the rules during the current period of grace".

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If the cross-party talks do not end in an agreement, then Mr Lidington said the Government would "put before Parliament a set of options" which it would "actually having to come to a preferred option" on "rather than voting against everything".

"What are you going to say on the doorstep - 'vote for me and I'll be gone in three months?'"

"A second referendum still went down to defeat and I just question whether there is a majority for it in the House of Commons".

The Conservative Party faces being swept from power by Jeremy Corbyn with the loss of almost 60 seats in the event of a general election, according to new polling.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is coming under increasing pressure from his own party members to fully commit the party's support to a confirmatory referendum.

"Defining ourselves as the Brexit party, pursuing the hardest form of Brexit with a parliament that will not deliver it, is a recipe for paralysis in government and suicide with the electorate", he wrote for the Sunday Times. "We think the public came to a clear view in 2016 with all parties saying your decision will be final", he said.

The deal includes a break clause that will allow to the United Kingdom to leave earlier if the House of Commons can pass the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

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