Doubling Down: SpaceIL To Build Beresheet 2 Spacecraft, Launch Fresh Moon Mission

Aerospace Industries

Aerospace Industries

Although the crash dashed the hopes of engineers and fans around the world that had been rooting for your spacecraft's safe arrival, the group highlighted that the mission was still a victory for reaching the moon and coming so close to landing. If successful, it would be the first privately built spacecraft to land on the moon. Millions of people around the globe watched the live transmission on Thursday of the spacecraft, developed by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), as it made an ambitious entry into the lunar orbit and attempt to land on the moon's surface.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that they have failed during their first try.

The cost of the first mission averaged at about $100 million (76.45 million pounds), Khan said, adding that most of it was raised through private donors.

"We will try again", Netanyahu said.

"I've decided that we are going to actually establish 'Beresheet 2, ' " he said in a video released by SpaceIL.

The failure was a disappointing ending to a lunar voyage of 6.5 million kilometers (4 million miles), nearly unprecedented in length and created to conserve fuel and reduce price.

The spacecraft, launched by SpaceX from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on 22 February 2019, successfully moved into lunar orbit on April 4. Beresheet was a privately funded mission to repeat what the USA, the former Soviet Union, and China have all achieved: land a craft safely on the surface of the moon.

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Israel aims to become the fourth country to manage a controlled lunar landing.

The craft also carries a "time capsule" loaded with digital files containing a Bible, children's drawings, Israeli songs, memories of a Holocaust survivor and the blue-and-white Israeli flag.

The contest ended in March 2018 with no victor. But nevertheless, we congratulate SpaceIL on everything they have achieved so far!

Around 20 minutes before the scheduled landing, engine firings slowed Beresheet's descent.

SpaceIL expects the next generation of Israelis wills inspire to study engineering and science. "Never lose hope - your hard work, teamwork, and innovation is inspiring to all!" he wrote on Twitter.

Aldrin, an Apollo astronaut who together with Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, sent his condolences to the SpaceIL team "for what nearly was", adding: "Never lose hope".

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