United Conservative Party to form government

While Edmonton is expected to be an NDP stronghold polls suggest Calgary will elect more UCP MLAs

While Edmonton is expected to be an NDP stronghold polls suggest Calgary will elect more UCP MLAs

"Today our great province has sent a message to Canada and the world that Alberta is open for business".

"Not many people who are in the energy industry can say Alberta is in a better place than it was four years ago", said Tim Pickering, president of Auspice Capital Advisers in Calgary, which manages a Canadian crude exchange-traded fund.

He says that will change now that party.

Rachel Notley's NDP will become Alberta's Official Opposition.

Even Notley's working relationship with Trudeau came under fire during the lead-up to the election, with Kenney accusing them of a "Trudeau-Notley alliance" that put Ottawa's interests ahead of the province.

Notley said she had congratulated Kenney and "assured him that we will do everything that we can to ensure the transition to a new government is smooth and productive".

The Liberals, which had a single seat in the legislature before the election call, was eliminated from the standings and garnered just 1 per cent of the popular vote.

On the margins of the campaign were the centrist Alberta and Liberal parties.

It was created to give Albertans further reason to like this generally likeable politician, though it may also been designed as contrast to Kenney, who would be Alberta's first child-free premier (though Danielle Smith came close to winning in 2012).

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Notley, in turn, said Kenney's plan to freeze spending and pursue more private-care options in health care would have a profound impact on students and patients.

Shaye Anderson, who served as municipal affairs minister in Rachel Notley's cabinet, lost his seat in Leduc-Beaumont to the United Conservatives.

The UCP dominated in rural Alberta and Calgary, while the NDP remained strong in Edmonton.

New Democratic Party leader and incumbent premier Rachel Notley will relinquish her premiership to Kenney after four years of a majority government that, when it was initially elected back in 2015, brought an end to 44 years of Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PC) leadership.

Mandel was hoping to sit in the legislature for the second time.

Mr. Mandel stressed that the party's vote count grew from 2015, and said he expects it to run a full field of candidates in the next election. The centrepiece of Notley's jobs plan is to double the number of incentive dollars for petrochemical and oil upgrading-economic diversification, like former premier Peter Lougheed did in the 1970s, the NDP argues. A recent Global/Ipsos campaign poll showed the UCP with a comfortable 10-point lead over the NDP, with the top issue of what has been a divisive campaign still being jobs and employment.

Notley, speaking to supporters at her Edmonton headquarters, touted her government's accomplishments and said she will stay on as NDP leader.

Kenney, who had dominated in polls in the lead-up to the vote, promised to defend Albertans against Trudeau and the federal government who, he said, were taking advantage of the province and its oil and gas.

Kenney, who is 50, orchestrated a merger of Alberta's Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties in the summer of 2017. It also marks the first time a government has failed to win a renewed mandate in the province on its first try. He took over the Progressive Conservatives, spearheaded a merger with the Wildrose and built a new party to win back a disenchanted electorate exhausted of conservatives after 44 years.

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