Minecraft Earth combines Pokemon Go with Mojang’s block builder

Image Microsoft

Image Microsoft

While the foundation of the game seems to be set around the construction aspect, there will also be a survival aspect to the game where you have to fend off creeps, and a cultivation system where mobs (Minecraft's term for animals) can be crossbred to create new creatures for either your public or private creations. Collaboration is arguably the biggest draw of Minecraft Earth as you're encouraged to share your creations with others in the real world. You can craft attractive Minecraft creations in your phone, and harness the power of augmented reality to bring them to life. Minecraft already has 91 million active players, a number which is likely to grow as Earth goes live.

According to Microsoft, players will be able to gather resources, collaborate with other players on builds, and encounter mobs of creatures - some of which will be hostile and must be fought, which reminds me a little bit of that Walking Dead AR game from a while back. And the popularity of Pokémon Go showed the demand is there. Simply sign up and cross your fingers if you want to take part. The maps are also used as places for Minecraft adventures - dungeons that range from easy loot grabs to challenging encounters where you can lose your items if you die. Pokemon GO was met with insane success when it launched a few years ago, and it's clear that Microsoft is looking to emulate that with Minecraft Earth.

The game also replicates Minecraft experiences in real-world places. "We're committed to bringing Minecraft Earth to the entire Earth but will roll the game out gradually to ensure everyone gets the best play experience", the Minecraft team explained in a FAQ.

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Collaborative multiplayer! Optimized for social multiplayer experiences, anyone with an AR-capable smartphone and "Minecraft Earth" installed will be able to join your session quickly and have fun together.

"They have built homes in Minecraft, and so to build on the Minecraft franchise, we can't really take Minecraft away from them", Merriam said. There are no fixed timeframes as of writing as to when you can expect to get your hands on Minecraft Earth's virtual pickaxes, but we shouldn't be waiting too long. Microsoft says it's starting with a closed beta for players 18 and up this summer, and hasn't given a release date for wider availability.

Minecraft for Nintendo Switch features full cross-play between Xbox, Windows 10, mobile phones, and even VR!

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