Restaurant Accidentally Serves a Rare $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Hawskmoor wine

Hawskmoor wine

Hawksmoor Manchester said on Twitter it hoped the customer "enjoyed your evening" after they were given the 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol.

The restaurant told the employee "one-off mistakes happen" and added "we love you anyway".

The account followed this up with a photo of the two bottles side-by-side, captioned: "THEY LOOK PRETTY SIMILAR OK!?"

"Some time later another member of staff said: 'ooh, someone is drinking a very impressive wine, and at the bar!' That's when we realised".

However, the customer was instead given a bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001 - which costs a hefty £4,500 ($5,800).

His tweet got more than 31,000 likes.

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"It was a very busy night at the restaurant and a very simple mistake", a spokesperson for Hawksmoor told the Independent.

The bottle of wine that the customer actually ordered was a Bordeaux of the same vintage, coming in at £260. "The customer didn't know and it was only afterward that one of the managers picked up what had happened".

The tweet has since been shared thousands of times, and social media users are praising the restaurant for forgiving the manager's mistake.

Founder Will Beckett said the staff member who made the error was "brilliant" and said he saw no reason to criticise her for a "one-off mistake". He added that although his staffer was horrified at her mistake, he continues to rib her with "the most gentle teasing".

Tasting notes for Chateau le Pin Pomerol on say the wine's deep ruby/plum/purple colour.

Restaurant workers far and wide responded to the restaurant's tweet, cheering on the management for a level-headed response, especially because it's so easy for tempers to flare in the kitchen.

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