Astronomers claim SpaceX Starlink will ‘ruin the sky,' but Elon Musk disagrees

Image Dr. Marco Langbroek  sattrack cam leiden blog

Image Dr. Marco Langbroek sattrack cam leiden blog

In a tweet, Parker warned that once SpaceX completes its Starlink project, the number of satellites flying in low orbit will outnumber the stars that are visible to the naked eye. Eventually, there will be 12,000 of the satellites in orbit to blanket the Earth with internet connectivity.

But there were only a handful in a world that foresaw what was coming next: a flurry of "UFO sightings" that followed the launch.

"We'll get a better sense of the value of this when satellites have raised orbits and arrays are tracking to sun".

Those same shiny lights are also causing trouble for Musk as astronomers allege that the satellites are blocking out the view of outer space.

The day after the launch SatTrackCam, a camera a based in Leiden, the Netherlands that focuses on tracking spy satellites spied the train of SpaceX satellites zipping around the heavens. Yet at the same time, this is placing a hurdle in the way of astronomers. To observe and capture them, astronomers need to make careful calculations and find a ideal viewing spot.

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At the least 12 launches carrying related payloads are wanted to attain fixed web protection of a lot of the world, Musk stated. Imagine brightly-lit trains moving chaotically why you're out in the Savannah to quietly observe a pack of tigers. It's just the latest innovation from Elon Musk.

SpaceX's Starlink satellites aim to provide internet service on a global scale, especially in underserved areas, a similar plan pitched by other tech companies like Facebook and Google. There are many other companies that are vying for that piece of the pie. Astronomers, he suggested, could simply move their telescopes into space if they had a problem seeing. "We care a great deal about science". This is an additional obstruction when observing the nightsky with sensitive instruments. "I live on the outskirts of Brighton in light-polluted skies and I could easily see this line of satellites going across the sky". However, Musk took to Twitter to put those rumours to bed.

To get a sense of the current situation, there are now 2,100 active satellites orbiting our planet.

In response to the claim that his satellites are too bright, Musk has asked his scientists to finds ways to diminish the reflectivity Earthways.

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