Luigi's Mansion 3 coming this year | Switch

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Nintendo Direct News Release Date Switch updates coming today at E3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Nintendo Direct News Release Date Switch updates coming today at E3

How does Luigi's Mansion 3 look so far?

Gooigi is the slobbery secondary protagonist of the game, a gooey clone of Luigi that helps him to solve puzzles by using his special abilities.

It appears that there is a co-op mode in Luigi's Mansion 3, and Gooigi is the key to you and a friend going on adventures together throughout the haunted hotel Luigi finds himself in this time. Accompanying Luigi on his spooky mission will be Mario, Princess Peach, and a whole army of toads.

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Those pulled toward the morbid side of things will be pleased to hear that Luigi's Mansion 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch by the end of 2019.

Luigi's new tool this time around is the Poltergust G-00, which adds some more functionality to Luigi's trusty vacuum-weapon. Gooigi's only weakness? Water.

Unfortunately, one piece of information we didn't get was a release date, as Luigi's Mansion 3 is still slated for a vague 2019 release window. How many do you need before it's a saga? For example, Gooigi will be able to slip through bars and spikes that Luigi can't get through. Veterans of the series will recognize ScareScraper as the multiplayer mode found in Dark Moon, though the big difference is the addition of procedurally generated floors in the new game, lifting up the replayability by creating a different layout through each playthrough. This is a slimy version of Luigi that he can evoke himself.

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