Report Shows Apple Will Launch Three 5G Enabled iPhones In 2020

Face ID

Face ID

The new range of iPhones are expected to feature OLED displays with varying screen sizes of 5.4-inches, 6.1-inches and 6.7-inches.

The iPhone X's notch was widely criticisedwhen it debuted in 2017, although it quickly became the standard for new smartphones released over the past two years. Kuo doesn't say whether all of next year's iPhones will have this minimized notch, or just certain models. With the Trump administration continuing to play hardball on the issue, Apple is reportedly looking to move between 15-30 percent of its iPhone production outside of China to hedge its risks going forward.

According to China Times, which has read a research note from analysts from Credit Suisse bank, Apple is moving to reduce and even remove the notch in the coming years, starting with one phone in 2020, then all its models in 2021.

Samsung, for example, implemented a new hole punch-like design in the displays of its new Galaxy S10 phones, which is less noticeable than the bezels on the Galaxy S9 and notches on rival phones. Kuo also claims that the rear-facing camera in the 2020 iPhones may have a seven-piece lens system.

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The report notes that at least one 2020 iPhone model will not have Face ID sensors, and will instead feature a full-screen Touch ID fingerprint scanner. It'll go a step further in 2021 and remove the notch completely, a Credit Suisse analyst said. While many competitors followed suit with notches on their own devices, they soon started finding clever ways to eliminate it altogether.

The Face ID module is quite large, so hiding it is a complex task for Apple.

The iPhone Notch has been controversial, with many unhappy with the way it makes the iPhone look and claiming that Apple has compromised on usability and style by switching to a notch before it had developed under-the-screen fingerprint technology. After Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 13, evidence was discovered inside that 3D Touch may not be needed at all.

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