NFL Owners Suggested 18-Game Schedule With 16-Game Limit for Players

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has pushed for an 18-game regular season along with team owners. But would players agree to this

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has pushed for an 18-game regular season along with team owners. But would players agree to this

The idea of an 18-game season is nothing new. With the current CBA winding down the end of next year, both management and labor are getting their platforms ready for battle. "For us, it comes down to who players are as men, and is it good for us", Smith told ESPN.

The 49ers' Richard Sherman has said players need to be willing to strike assertively, and the NFLPA's Executive Director DeMaurice Smith sent a memo to players' agents warning them to plan for loss of wages in the 2020-21 season, and potentially lose the season entirely. During early discussions regarding the 2021 collective bargaining agreement, the owners have offered to increase roster sizes and limit workloads in favor of growing the regular-season slate, according to the Wall Street Journal's Andrew Beaton.

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) played down the possibility of an expanded 18-game season.

If this proposal were to pass, franchise quarterbacks would be forced to miss two regular-season games.

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The longer season would require a shortening of the preseason schedule, which is typically four games for teams. "That doesn't work", Smith told ESPN.

Talks between the National Football League and NFLPA, aimed at reaching a new CBA, are set to intensify in July to try to reach an agreement before the start of the 2019 regular season. The NFL thinks this new proposal will actually help the players because they will be able to get larger contracts from the increase in revenue while not having to worry about an uptick in injuries. It's easy to say it's more money.

Huh. Sounds like the players' union, once presented with this information (I'm sure Smith is aware) will fight even harder to combat the 18/16 proposal. This would add approximately $15 million to the salary cap for each team in the first year. In terms of the CBA, Smith noted how players have increasingly used their power in the economic sphere as well. "That is crucial because players now become eligible for post-career benefits such as pensions and health insurance after three years".

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