Apple offers $1 million 'bounty' to researchers who find iPhone security flaws

The USD 1 million prize would apply only to remote access to the iPhone kernel without any action from the phone’s user

The USD 1 million prize would apply only to remote access to the iPhone kernel without any action from the phone’s user

Starting this fall, this maximum reward will be $1 million, and will also be available for macOS exploits, not just iOS. But Apple refuses to make this software available to anyone but themselves and Apple Authorised Service Providers. That includes cycle count, which shows how much a battery may have degraded overtime, in addition to max capacity and peak performance capability. You can't make this message disappear unless you get battery replacement done at an Apple Authorised Service Provider or Apple Genius Bar. "The report says", Presumably, their internal diagnostic software can flip the magic bit that resets this "Service" indicator.

The warning appears if you replaced the iPhone battery with an aftermarket unit or if the repairs, even if a genuine Apple battery was used, were performed in a non-Apple store. While it doesn't stop you from taking a brand new battery and dropping it into your device, the Settings app in iOS 12 and 13 will display a "Service" status for it, which is typically indicative that your battery is worn out and needs to be replaced.

When it comes to repairing an iPhone, Apple hasn't exactly been shy about doing everything it can to drive people away from independent shops. The latest move by the mobile hardware giant really takes the cake, bolts it down, and bakes an ID chip inside. iFixit reported earlier this week that Apple has activated a "dormant software lock" on some iPhones that's effectively locking out third-party battery replacement.

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In other words: Apple wants you to use their fix service and will use any tactics to do so. Why?

This is not the first time Apple has been caught blocking or discouraging the use of third-party components; similar activity has been seen in relation to replacement screens and home buttons. A couple of years back, Apple faced massive backlash after it was discovered that Apple intentionally throttled older iPhones to preserve the battery life. In the Art of Repair's video on the issue, after swapping a genuine Apple battery for a third party battery in an iPhone XS, the phone displayed a "service" message followed by an "Important Battery Message" stating that the phone is "unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple battery".

Apple has always been making repairs hard for people outside of the Apple ecosystem. If you try to install an original Apple battery in your phone, you won't be able to authenticate it unless you run Apple's software, which is provided by Texas Instruments.

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