Hong Kong Airport cancels flights as protests continue

The nosedive in stocks comes as the airline is caught up in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong

The nosedive in stocks comes as the airline is caught up in pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong

Authorities called the demonstrations illegal and risky, claiming that protests have hurt the already-faltering economy and residents' daily lives.

Amid an escalating police crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday he is "extremely concerned" about the situation.

Amid claims that the police used disproportionate force to clear protests on Sunday, she appeared to defend their actions, saying they were acting under "extremely hard circumstances".

Lam told reporters that dialogue would only begin when the violence stopped.

A train station in Kwai Fong filled with smoke after about a dozen police officers fired tear gas inside. The violent scenes emerged as protesters used flash mobs across the city, surrounding police stations, disrupting traffic, and hurling projectiles including bricks and petrol bombs. Mob violence broke out elsewhere. "There is a high risk of violent confrontation between protesters and police, or criminally-linked individuals".

Cathay Pacific has, so far, sacked two employees and suspended a pilot. The movement's demands include the resignation of the Chinese territory's leader, democratic elections, the release of those arrested in earlier protests and an investigation into police use of force against the protesters.

"Take a minute to think, look at our city, our home, do you all really want to see it pushed into an abyss", Lam said, although she again refused to make any concessions to the protesters. She's the first woman to lead Hong Kong but many view her as Beijing's puppet. "The numbers are declining, the level of violence is increasing".

The controversial extradition bill was proposed on April 3 as a response to the Hong Kong government's inability to extradite a Hong Kong man to Taiwan after he allegedly killed his girlfriend on a trip there.

China in recent weeks has toughened its stance toward the movement and doubled down on its support for the police. The government argued the amendments would "plug the loopholes" and prevent the city of Hong Kong becoming a safe haven for criminals - but hundreds of thousands of people opposed these changes and came out in force to share their message.

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Millions of people, many of them young, have taken to the streets in the past three months as part of the protests.

Hong Kong called former deputy police commissioner Lau Yip-shing out of retirement last week to handle major upcoming public events including celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in October.

Numerous posters and artwork the protesters had hung throughout the airport on Monday were taken down, but graffiti - some reading "an eye for an eye" - could still be seen in several places.

However, China's Civil Aviation Authority issued a warning to Cathay Pacific about the involvement of its staff in "riots".

"As always our actions and responsibilities are focused on the safety and security of our operations", the airline said.

Around 50 protesters remained camped in the terminals on Tuesday morning, while more than 100 passengers were spotted queuing at Cathay's ticket counter, Reuters news agency reported.

Protesters douse tear gas with water at a demonstration on Sunday while rallying against the extradition bill.

"Hong Kong's crisis ... has continued for 60 days, and is getting worse and worse", Zhang Xiaoming, the head of the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office, said during a meeting in Shenzhen. "Then we can talk".

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