Man's missing dentures found stuck in throat 8 days after surgery

An X-ray of the man's throat where his dentures were stuck

An X-ray of the man's throat where his dentures were stuck

The man's case brings attention to the risks of leaving dentures in the mouths of patients undergoing surgeries that require general anesthesia, wrote the article's author, Harriet A. Cunniffe, an otolaryngologist at James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom.

The doctors describe how six days after abdominal surgery, the man turned up at A&E complaining of blood in the mouth and swallowing difficulties and pain, which had prevented him from eating solid food ever since. However his symptoms and side effects pointed to a respiratory infection, which can be common for patients who have had a tube down their throat during surgery, so he was prescribed steroids, antibiotics and mouthwash and sent home.

However, a bout of bleeding forced him to return once more six days later, followed by a second visit 10 days after that, and a third six days after being discharged again. Upon further investigation, doctors discovered a semi-circular object lying across the patient's vocal cord - which had caused internal blistering.

A 72-year-old man's dentures were stuck in his throat after an operation and not found for eight days.

X-rays confirmed this was the foreign body lodged in his throat - he was taken for emergency surgery to remove them and discharged after a further six days in hospital.

The man thought his dentures were lost while he was in the hospital for minor surgery.

"Presence of any dental prosthetics should be clearly documented before and after any procedure, and all members of the theatre team should be aware of the perioperative plan for them", study author Harriet Cunniffe, an ear, nose and throat specialist at James Paget Hospital, wrote.

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Two days later he returned with worsening symptoms. He returned nine days later with more bleeding caused by a torn artery in the wound.

The man went to the emergency room because he was having a hard time swallowing and was coughing up blood.

He'd suffered an internal wound tissue around the site of the blistering which doctors then treated by cauterising it to prevent further bleeding and he even needed a blood transfusion because he had lost so much blood.

Over the next six weeks, however, his tissue healed, he did not require any more emergency care, and his blood count returned to normal, according to the August 12 BMJ Case Reports.

According to the report, a check-up a week after the procedure showed the tissue was healing, and six weeks after that the man had not needed further emergency care.

The report brings attention to the lack of guidelines regarding dentures in surgeries that require general anesthesia.

"In addition to reminding us of the risks of leaving dentures in during induction of anaesthesia when the Swiss cheese model of errors aligns, this case also highlights a number of important learning points", they added.

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