Nightdive is Working on System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition

System Shock 2 Is Getting Its Own 'Enhanced Edition'

System Shock 2 Is Getting Its Own 'Enhanced Edition'

Fans of the series cannot only look forward to a re-imagined game but also a full new game - System Shock 3 - set to be released in the future. System Shock 2 is one of the most influential immersive sims of all time, but quite frankly some parts of it just haven't aged well, especially its often un-intuitive skill tree.

Nightdive Studios, the studio that's now developing the remake of the first System Shock game, announced on Sunday that it was also developing a new edition of System Shock 2. So, we could expect all these features to come to System Shock 2, as the developers are incredibly dedicated to the legacy of the sci-fi horror cult classic. Nightdive briefly announced the game on Twitter and said it's "coming soon", but how it will improve on the original and when exactly it will arrive is anyone's guess. Unfortunately, and besides that, the team did not reveal any additional details.

Nightdive has been sharing reports about System Shock's development actively. The team is also working on a proper remake of the first System Shock game.

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System Shock 2 was originally developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios, with famed game designer Ken Levine at the helm. Given the obvious focus on getting the System Shock remake out, we feel the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2 will either release alongside the System Shock remake in 2020 or slightly thereafter.

What's more, System Shock 3 was also confirmed earlier this year.

After hearing about the Enhanced Edition of System Shock 2, what are your thoughts?

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