Hands-on video highlights Google’s striking new color option for the Pixel 4

Google Pixel 4 might launch on October 15, new leaked video reveals key features

Google Pixel 4 might launch on October 15, new leaked video reveals key features

Another image of the Pixel 4 XL image has also surfaced online. While it can't be a one hundred percent reliable source to draw the conclusion from, we've seen the release date getting leaked in a similar fashion in the past and most importantly, majority of those leaks later proved to be one hundred percent accurate. It has been reported that Google might be hosting its upcoming event on 15 October where it will announce new Pixel phones. Following an endless stream of hands-on photos and some low-res videos, we now have two high-quality videos showcasing the Pixel 4 in its full glory.

Finally, thanks to YouTube tech show This Is Tech Today, we've had a good look at the options controlling Motion Sense, Google's radar sensor feature that will allow you to control the Pixel 4 with hand waves and other motions. The promo image shows Pixel 4 phone with October 15 date, set on the "At a glance" sitting on the homescreen. The image below shows what is likely to be a smaller, standard variant of Pixel 4 in black with a white power button on the right side.

Google Pixel 4 might launch on October 15, new leaked video reveals key features

This is not the best quality video we've seen of the Pixel 4, but it is our best look yet at the flashy new colorway that Google will be bringing to the Pixel lineup this year. The device is also said to pack a 6.23-inch display with a screen resolution of 3040×1440 pixel and 19:9 aspect ratio. This gives the Pixel 4 series a odd old fashioned look, since most premium manufacturers have abandoned the top bezel for their 2019 smartphones. At around the 12min59sec mark, he focuses on gesture controls and the Motion Sense settings.

Together with this star perform, it has additionally been confirmed that the cell will include the Snapdragon 855, may have 6 GB of RAM and may have a 6.2-inch display screen with a refresh charge of 90 Hz.

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