Trump immigration plans: Supreme Court allows curb on migrants

Supreme Court says Trump administration can deny asylum while legal fight continues

Supreme Court says Trump administration can deny asylum while legal fight continues

The new rules deny asylum to anyone coming to the U.S. -Mexico border who has not already sought the protection first in another country.

The court has not ruled on whether US President Donald Trump's reform is legal, rather green-lighting the administration's right to impose it temporarily.

In their dissents, Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor argued that the Supreme Court should have allowed the case to proceed through the lower courts before issuing a ruling.

Successive Mexican governments have pointed out that illicit arms sales from the United States into Mexico have fueled turf wars between drug gangs and clashes with security forces, exacerbating social problems and adding to migratory pressures. It is one of multiple tools immigration officials have deployed to prevent entry by families and others fleeing violence and poverty in Central America.

Central American countries, with the exception of Guatemala, have also declined to sign "safe third country" agreements that would mean the U.S. could send back asylum seekers who passed through without seeking protection. It would disallow anyone who passes through another country without first seeking and failing to obtain asylum there.

Under the deal - signed in June to avoid Trump's threat to impose tariffs on Mexican goods - United States migrant detentions on the southern border have fallen 58.7 percent.

Mexico wants the U.S. to do more to inspect whether vehicles leaving the country have guns and to investigate gun sales.

Collins said it will help remove one of the factors that impel people to set out for the United States, "leading to fewer individuals transiting through Mexico on a risky journey". "And me, setting foot in Nicaragua again, what could happen to me is I could get locked up, be detained, and processed in Nicaragua for the crimes that they accuse me of - terrorism and high treason against the government of Nicaragua".

Supreme Court says Trump administration can deny asylum while legal fight continues

"Our policy of refuge, of asylum is a tradition in Mexico", he said. It represents the latest effort by Trump's administration to crack down on immigration, a signature issue during his presidency and 2020 re-election bid.

At the same time, the buildup of migrants has created problems in Mexican border cities. The administration has said that it wants to close the gap between an initial asylum screening that most people pass and a final decision on asylum that most people do not win.

Lopez Obrador, who spoke with Trump by phone Wednesday, said relations were "on very good terms". People from Guatemala must be denied in Mexico.

Under current asylum law, individuals must show a credible fear, which is figured to be a 10% chance that they will face persecution if sent back home.

Following Trump's threat, Mexico cracked down on migrants crossing the country, deployed the National Guard to the southern and northern borders, and tried to contain migrants to the southern part of the country.

"Our ultimate goal is to freeze arms trafficking at the border with the United States", Ebrard said.

That's because they can't ask for asylum here if they didn't first ask for it in Mexico when they traveled through there to get to the U.S. However, Mexico is quite risky for refugees and in no way safe for asylum-seekers.

Earlier this week, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reiterated that Mexico would not become a "third country" for US-bound asylum seekers.

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