Essential's upcoming 'Project Gem' smartphone has a very unusual design

Essential Gem

Essential Gem

Essential released its first phone a couple of years ago, see our full review, with a stunning ceramic and titanium design that continues to be one of the most updated phones.

Former Google executive Rubin, now CEO of Essential Products, tweeted out images showing a prototype phone called Project Gem. Essential founder and Android creator Andy Rubin, who previously took a break from the company after allegations of sexual misconduct, took to Twitter to share more about the device. The smartphone got in the news primarily for its tiny notch design, which was new for the time.

Another feature of the phone is the four reflective "colorshift material" rears, which change color depending on the angle you're viewing them. Surprisingly, the phone appears to have a single rear camera and a physical fingerprint sensor below it.

XDA developer leaked some code snippets of Essential gem 2 specifications.

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It is clear from the Official Twitter account of Essential which confirms the company's new phone is in the testing phase, adding that: "We've been working on a new device to reframe your perspective on mobile". Rather than the tweets of Rubin and essential official account, no further information is given about Essential's next phone. The device also sports a small punch hole camera on the top left corner of the display.

At the rear of the device, there's a large single-camera module on the phone, along with a unusual recessed circular... thing.

Rubin shows off a "new UI for a radically different form-factor" in the images, with what appears to be navigation buttons at the of the device, along with the Android navigation pill at the top-right side of the display.

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