CDC warns pregnant women in the United States aren’t getting vital vaccines

Australia has just emerged from a flu season that started earlier than usual and was more severe than expected.							John Mahoney  Montreal Gazette

Australia has just emerged from a flu season that started earlier than usual and was more severe than expected. John Mahoney Montreal Gazette

Many people also erroneously believe that the flu shot can give you the flu.

The sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever flu season is upon the area once again.

The Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) has recommended that all pregnant women should be vaccinated against influenza and whooping cough to provide protection to the baby against these deadly infections during the first few months of their lives.

According to Dr. Chow, the CDC recommends that people get their flu vaccine before the end of October.

However, if you miss this deadline, don't give up on the flu shot completely.

For adults, studies have not shown any benefits from getting more than one dose of the vaccine during the flu season.

Myth: Getting the flu vaccination is all you need to do to protect yourself from the flu.

Some jurisdictions across Canada are anticipating smaller or later deliveries of the flu shot than normal - which could affect vaccination programs.

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Who Should Avoid Getting a Flu Vaccine?

But even among those women, about a third did not get vaccinated, the report said. This might include gelatin, antibiotics, or other ingredients. The flu vaccine has been recommended in pregnancy since 1960, Jamieson said, but the Tdap has only been recommended for pregnant women since 2012.

Flu Near You displays a map of areas where there's flu activity from user-reported symptoms as well as from reports from the CDC. Some people will experience a syndrome-like influenza, or another virus, after the vaccination. "Talk to your doctor about your GBS history".

The survey also found that black women had lower vaccination rates than women of other races and were less likely to say they had received an offer or referral for a vaccination from their health care provider.

So, why does the CDC warn of a terrible flu season this year?

Because the strain of the virus changes every year, a flu shot is needed annually, according to the health department.

"One of the best things a senior can do each year to reduce the risk of getting the flu is getting the flu shot", said Don Mangers, Plum Landing Executive Director.

Additionally, Adalja said tracking the flu is important for community organizers, educators or people who work at schools and event planners since certain events and gatherings may not be ideal during a bad outbreak in a community.

Influenza is not something you want to take your (or your family's) chances on. In fact, the CDC estimates that from October 2018-May 2019, there were 37.4 million-42.9 million reported flu illnesses, and between 36,400-61,200 deaths from the flu.

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