Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed wins 2019 Nobel Peace Prize

Thousands of students concerned about climate change take part in a ‘climate-strike’ rally at City Hall Plaza in Boston

Thousands of students concerned about climate change take part in a ‘climate-strike’ rally at City Hall Plaza in Boston

The prize is also meant to recognise all the stakeholders working for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia and in the East and Northeast African regions.

Ethiopian prime ministerAbiy Ahmed, who helped bring an end to his country's two-decade long conflict with Eritrea over a disputed border which has seen several million displaced and tens of thousands killed, is another strong contender.

"This victory and recognition is a collective win for all Ethiopians, and a call to strengthen our resolve in making Ethiopia - the new horizon of hope - a prosperous nation for all", the prime minister's office said. "As Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed has sought to promote reconciliation, solidarity and social justice".

The 2019 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement that Ahmed was "one of the main reasons" he believes the "winds of hope are blowing ever stronger across Africa".

Since 1901, 99 Nobel Peace Prizes have been handed out, to individuals and 24 organizations.

The annual, highly-anticipated prize is given by the Nobel Committee to the individual or group who is chose to have done the most to advance the cause of world peace.

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The announcement was made at a press conference at the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo.

So far this week, 11 Nobel laureates have been named, of whom 10 are men.

He was named as the victor of the 100th Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, where he will receive the award in December.

With the exception of the prize for economics, which is to be awarded next week, all the Nobel prizes were established by the Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel (1833-96), the inventor of dynamite.

The prestigious prize is worth 9,000,000 Swedish Kronor (approximately $1.35 million).

This year's Nobel Prize season kicked off on Monday with the Medicine Prize awarded to Americans William Kaelin and Gregg Semenza, and Britain's Peter Ratcliffe for their discoveries on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability. While the other prizes are announced in Stockholm, the peace prize is awarded in the Norwegian capital, Oslo.

The laureates receive them at elegant ceremonies on December 10 - the anniversary of Nobel's death in 1896 - in Stockholm and Oslo.

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