NASA administrator explains Twitter spat with SpaceX

NASA boss to tour SpaceX factory after feud over capsule delays

NASA boss to tour SpaceX factory after feud over capsule delays

This follows a disturbance in the force ahead of SpaceX's big Starship party in late September when NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine tweeted a sharp statement aimed at Elon Musk's company.

"If everything goes according to plan, it would be in the first quarter of next year", Bridenstine said of the launch. For all its success in launching and landing rockets, SpaceX has not yet launched a human into orbit.

The pledge came during a press conference at SpaceX's headquarters in Los Angeles to address delays to Nasa's first crewed mission to space in eight years.

"We are not going to take any undue risk", he said, standing beside Musk and the two astronauts slated to fly aboard the Crew Dragon - Doug Hurley and Bob Benkoe.

Musk said during the press conference that the newest design of the parachutes, which he referred to as Mark 3 parachutes, are 10 times safer than Mark 2 parachutes and are twice as safe as Apollo's parachutes.

"Testing shall be total and hardware on the Cape (Canaveral) by the conclude of December", he added.

Whereas Musk and Bridenstine supplied few concrete particulars on their joint investigation into an explosion throughout a capsule floor check in April, Musk stated incidents had been inevitable throughout advanced improvement processes and rigorous testing.

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Tensions? Just days ago, the NASA chief bristled at Musk on Twitter for celebrating an unrelated milestone achieved on SpaceX's deep-space Starship rocket while completion of the Crew Dragon project remained delayed.

SpaceX successfully launched an unpiloted Crew Dragon in March to the ISS, although the date for its debut manned mission has up to know been uncertain.

Bridenstine told journalists on Thursday that a high-altitude abort check of a tool created to propel the capsule to safety in the tournament of an emergency on the way in which to orbit would happen in "short uncover", though he did no longer present a specific date.

Nearly ironically, NASA was not too happy with the focus on yet another project that the popular space company is engaging it, not when SpaceX is also supposed to be working on manned flights for NASA. SpaceX's rise to change into a dominant launch providers supplier for satellites during the last decade has been fuelled partly by NASA contracts and the company's transformative technique to purchase providers from personal firms relatively than proudly owning the know-how itself.

The stop government for Boeing's rival Starliner program, John Mulholland, told a conference on Wednesday that its have key check of an abort intention that propels astronauts to safety at some stage in an emergency modified into once slated for November 4, whereas its unpiloted orbital check flight modified into once situation for December 17. The very public spat between the two institutions naturally made rounds on the Internet and, perhaps to show they're still on good terms, NASA made a visit to SpaceX HQ and affirmed its positive outlook for the first manned mission to the ISS from U.S. soil. Instead, it pays Russian Federation $80 million per ticket, something the U.S. undoubtedly wants to be free of eventually.

Bridenstine said the agency was "still buying seats" for ride-alongs aboard Russia's Soyuz as an "insurance policy" against future delays in USA crew capsule development.

Bridenstine sought to bury the hatchet on Thursday, saying he was merely "signaling" to SpaceX and other NASA contractors that "we need more realism built in to our development time frames".

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