North Korea slams Europeans over criticism of missile test

South Korea Koreas World Cup Qualifier

South Korea Koreas World Cup Qualifier

North Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) on Thursday warned that the country may reconsider recent measures taken to build trust with the United States, criticizing several European Union countries for their joint condemnation this week of its most recent missile test. It also condemned the recent US test of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

North Korea said it can make a response "on the same level" but is refraining from doing that because it's still unnecessary or premature to do so.

"It is worth noting that the pronouncement raises the recent US launch of Minuteman 3 and explicitly calls it as targeting North Korea".

North Korea's short- and medium-range ballistic missiles represent one of the "ballistic missile threats of most concern" to the United States, along with those from Iran and China, a USA congressional report has said.

A spokesperson for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Thursday that the UN Security Council found fault with Pyongyang, but didn't say anything about a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by Washington. North Korea said those tests were of the self-defense nature. A U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command statement said that such tests demonstrate the capability of the intercontinental ballistic missile system and are not a response to world events or regional tensions.

"In the past, Iran reportedly funded and assisted in the retransfer of missile and possibly nuclear technology from North Korea to Syria", the report also said, noting that the communist state has also supplied Iran with small submarines. The North could respond, it added, but said "we believe it is too early and not necessary to do so". Kim Jong-un's regime launched a ballistic missile off of its coast final week.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in April 2018 announced he was stopping ICBM and nuclear tests.

That statement - notably not signed by the US - urged North Korea to cease its "provocative actions" and stressed that global sanctions against the country "must remain in place and be fully and strictly enforced". The announcement came amid renewed diplomacy with the US and South Korea.

U.S. President Donald Trump has played down the North's missile tests, saying they are not long-range and do not threaten the United States.

After North Korea walked away last week, the U.S. State Department characterized the discussions as "good" and said U.S. negotiators accepted a Swedish invitation to return to the talks in two weeks.

The game would be the first competitive meeting between the national men's teams in the North Korean capital, although the North hosted the South for a friendly there in 1990.

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