Robert Downey Jr. Appreciates Martin Scorsese’s ‘Different Perspective’ on Marvel Movies



Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr., not surprisingly, isn't onboard with Martin Scorsese's dismissal of Marvel movies as "not cinema".

"It'd be like saying Howard Stern isn't radio".

When the actor informed the unnamed exec that his group was taking in the show before going on-air, the executive replied, "Who the f-k are you?"

"I don't see them", Scorsese told Empire Magazine last week regarding Marvel movies.

When Stern asked him if he was insulted by Scorsese's comments, Downey Jr. responded, "No". Smith noted that, while he respects Scorsese's opinion, just because he doesn't connect emotionally with these characters doesn't mean other viewers don't. "But I have to say that if you look at, especially how it began and how it ended in his performances between the first one and Endgame, there was a really thoughtful arc to the character, both in his performance and how all the filmmakers contributed to that character".

Meanwhile, a newly spotted Iron Man death Easter Egg allegedly answers a plot hole.

Smith, the writer-director-star-key holder of the Clerks/Mallrats/Jay and Silent Bob universe (aka the View Askiewniverse), is not about to slam Scorsese (Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Gangs of New York), a filmmaker Smith reveres as the GOAT in his craft. Frankly, the nearest I can consider these, also produced as they are, together with celebrities doing the very best they could under the conditions, is subject parks.

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Even if their stories do not always provide room for deep thought, comic book movies are still fit to be distinguished among films considered to be cinema due to the time, effort, and passion put into them.

He went on to say that Scorsese's actual claim, that the movies don't constitute cinema, "makes no sense". "It is not the cinema of human beings seeking to communicate psychological, emotional experiences to a different human being", the manager said.

"According to Scorsese, it's not cinema". He continued, "I appreciate his opinion".

Sure enough, it didn't take long for the Internet to rebuke Scorsese's comments, while some of Marvel's cast and crew - namely Karen Gillan and James Gunn - also voiced their support of all things Marvel.

Stern still didn't let it go, and prodded on, asking RDJ if Scorsese was perhaps jealous of how phenomenally well the movies had done on the box office.

In recent years, the arrival of streaming services has altered the media landscape, with many experts suggesting that studios prefer making small-budget movies, or event films.

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