Samsung Galaxy S11: The Periscope Camera Technology Is Being Tested

Samsung Fixed Its Folding Phone. But It’s Still Not Ready for MostMore

Samsung Fixed Its Folding Phone. But It’s Still Not Ready for MostMore

The impending Galaxy S11 flagship may also forfeit the headphone jack after Samsung axed it on the Galaxy Note 10.

If you're interested in joining the beta, check out the Samsung Members app. Others that have been here for a while include Samsung's "apology" to the world after the grand fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note FE.

Thanks to a little graphic posted to a Samsung forum by the company and then shared to social media, we know for certain that Samsung's update to One UI, known as One UI 2.0, is "coming soon" to the Galaxy S10 family in Korea. Again we can see several Galaxy S11 models.

As can be seen from the list available on Samsung's website, 3 new devices have been added to the category of devices that are getting security fixes every month, as Google avails them: the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Samsung Galaxy A50 and the Samsung Xcover4s.

Samsung hasn't confirmed an official release date for the Galaxy S10 Android 10 beta, but we should get a date in the near future. More specifically, those devices with service on Sprint or T-Mobile, as well as unlocked phones will be able to participate in the upcoming beta program.

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Three devices are now going to get monthly updates, thereby making it pretty clear that they are a priority for Samsung to manage all in all.

If you have a Samsung Account and meet all of Samsung's participation criteria, the registration process will complete.

Once the registration process is complete, you'll need to head into your Settings and go to Software update download updates to pull the Android 10 beta from Samsung's servers.

As such, the latest update from Samsung detailing which of its devices users can expect to continue receiving security updates regularly is here.

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